Frequency Checker 72MHz (HCAP0340)
Tech Notice

May 13, 2005

  • The "Special Features" section of the instruction sheet lists the range in meters instead of feet. The correct descriptions are: "Range is up to 300 feet without external antenna" and "Range is up to 1000 feet with external antenna". Elsewhere on the instruction sheet the proper ranges in feet are listed. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
  • Hobbico's Frequency Checker is designed to scan all fifty R/C frequencies in the 72MHz band and identify when another transmitter is operating on any such channel. It's important to note that the Frequency Checker is NOT well suited to show very brief, intermittent Rf signals that could cause interference which may be present in the environment near or between R/C channels.
  • Do not point a Tx antenna directly at the Frequency Checker. This will make it more difficult for the checker to detect the signal being emitted from the Tx.
  • For best reception do not lay the Frequency Checker on the ground during operation. Resting the checker on an elevated surface such as a table or flight box is recommended.
  • When using the optional external antenna: it's best to point the antenna skyward for best reception. Also, extra channels might appear to be in use if the checker is physically located very near a Tx which is emitting a signal. Moving the checker several feet away from the Tx will clear the problem. If used inside buildings which have a lot of steel/metal in the structure, extra channels might inadvertently be shown, and NOT using the external antenna may deliver the best results in this situation.