Accu-Cycle Elite (HCAP0280)
Tech Notice

July 7, 2004

Internal temperature tech note:

AccuCycle Elite has a protection system which prevents the charger from being damaged in the event that the charger's own internal temperature gets too high. Such overheating generally occurs during discharge (not during charge), when the maximum amount of discharge current is flowing INTO the charger from the battery. When the charger's internal components reach a pre-determined cutoff temperature, Accu-Cycle Elite will automatically reduce the discharge current which will allow the charger's operating temperature to become cooler. This is normal and should not be a cause for concern. When the charger cools down sufficiently, discharge current will begin to rise.

Note: this is not to be confused with when a BATTERY gets too hot... When monitored with the HCAP0281 Temperature Sensor, if a battery's temperature exceeds the setting in the programming, Accu-Cycle Elite will temporarily pause the discharge operation until the battery has cooled sufficiently, and then re-start discharge automatically.