UpStar ARF (HCAA2210) Tech Notice

In order to arm the ESC included with the Upstar glider, the following sequence must be performed after the battery has been plugged in to the ESC, and the ESC and transmitter have been turned ON. This is a safety feature that prevents accidental starting of the motor prior to flight.

  • Move the throttle stick on the transmitter to idle position (all the way down)
  • Move the throttle stick to full throttle and hold for 5 seconds
  • Move the throttle stick back to idle position

The ESC is now armed. Moving the throttle stick up will cause the propeller to rotate.

Note: If the arming sequence does not work, or the ESC does not function as described, the throttle reversing function in your transmitter may be in the wrong position for this application. Change the reversing position of the throttle channel, toggle the power off and on to the ESC, and repeat the arming sequence as described.