Sky Pilot (HCAA1979 / HCAA1985)
Tech Notice

Posted July 7, 2005

We would like to ensure that your flying experience is as enjoyable as possible by making sure that you follow these important safety precautions:

  • ALWAYS discharge your battery completely prior to recharging. To discharge the battery, hook it up in the plane and hold the plane with your hand. Run the motor and prop at high throttle until the prop speed slows down and continues to decrease.
  • NEVER charge your battery with your car's engine running!
  • NEVER charge your battery inside your car. ALWAYS place the battery and charger outside of your vehicle when charging!
  • NEVER leave a charging battery unattended. During charging, feel the battery every 5 minutes to see if it is starting to warm up. A warm battery pack is a sign that it is fully charged. If the battery pack ever gets hot, please remove the charge plug from the cigarette lighter immediately! Do not get near or attempt to handle the battery for at least 10 minutes.
  • ALWAYS check to make sure that your setscrew on the prop adapter is tight before flying.