Deluxe Power Panel II A single power source for starting – and glow starter recharging!

Deluxe Power Panel II

It's an incredible upgraded Deluxe Power Panel that features a 300-400mA charger for glow starter NiCds and NiMHs! No more trips to the flying field ruined because of a dead glow starter! The built-in quick charger delivers constant current for glow starters, with mounting lug and "ON" LED for optimum ease and convenience. Other great features include a helpful meter and control knob that allow you to adjust glow plug current, detect engine problems, and check for burned-out plugs. The Deluxe Power Panel II measures 6" x 3.75" and comes with 1 set of alligator clips and 2 sets of banana plugs.

connecting charger
Connect your NiCd or NiMH glow starter to the charge lug. A short time on the charger is enough to provide several starts each time out!
charges anywhere
An LED indicates when charge is being delivered to the glow starter – another useful upgrade of the Deluxe Power Panel II!
1-year Warranty

Stock Number: HCAP0302

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Use Hot-Shot glo-starters with your Power Panel II!

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