Micropanel Plus Small in size and price—BIG in performance and practicality.

MicroPanel Plus

It's the next "big" innovation in field accessories—a power panel that's streamlined to save space, but with all of the features you demand at the field. The MicroPanel Plus delivers the power and convenience of much larger units...while saving you money by eliminating often unused features. As the latest addition to the Pro Series lineup of quality electronics, the MicroPanel Plus is destined to make its way into many modelers' flight boxes—and without taking up much room. Check out the MicroPanel Plus at your hobby shop today...it's the little power panel with the BIG upside.

hot shot
The MicroPanel Plus is perfect for at-the-field charging of glow starters—such as the Hot Shot 2.
Not only does the MicroPanel Plus supply 1.2V DC power to glow plug clips (NiCd or NiMH), the plug heat is adjustable; a red LED confirms that heat is being delivered to the plug.
component inset
Pre-drilled holes on the sturdy aluminum faceplate make for easy mounting to your field box—or you can cover the MicroPanel Plus's components with the included rear enclosure for stand-alone use.
2-Year Warranty

Stock Number: HCAP0301
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