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Tech Notice for Hobbistar 60 Select

Hobbistar 60 Select (logo) The BIG way to get into R/C flying!

Hobbistar 60 Select airplane on a background of clouds and sun

With a wingspan of almost six feet, the Hobbistar 60 Select RTF is easy to track in the sky, and flies well even at low speeds. That makes it a great trainer for starting out…but when you’re ready to branch out into basic aerobatics, the Hobbistar 60 Select is ideal for that, too! The radio and engine that are included are top-of-the-line. And if you’re anxious to start flying, you’ll appreciate having only 20 minutes of final assembly left to do before heading out to the field!


  • No painting
  • No sanding
  • No gluing
  • No drilling

Requires only a household screwdriver and pliers!

The best components mean the best performance!

The Best Engine

.65 LA Engine

As reliable as it is powerful, and featuring a remote needle valve, included muffler and glow plug.

The Best Radio

6YG Radio

A user-friendly FM system you can grow with! Comes with all NiCds, a trainer system and 4 ball bearing servos.

Expertly covered with Top Flite MonoKote

Top Flite MonoKote

Modelers' #1 favorite covering!

Unassembled airplane laid out to show the pieces included

With just a screwdriver and pliers, the Hobbistar 60 Select can be flight-ready in just 20 minutes, with no painting, sanding, gluing or drilling. Even the covering is in place — a durable, heat shrink film that’s easy to repair.

Wing airfoil showing air travel over the surfaces   

The Hobbistar 60 Select lets you ease into new flying challenges with confidence. A high wing mounting maintains the in-flight stability and predictable landing characteristics of a trainer — while the semi-symmetrical airfoil offers the agility for expanding your piloting skills.


Stock Number: HCAA18**
Wingspan: 71 in (1805 mm)
Wing Area: 888 in² (57 dm²)
Weight: 7.5-8.5 lb (3.4-3.9 kg)
Wing Loading: 20-22 oz/ft² (61-67 g/dm²)
Length: 55 in (1400 mm)
Includes: O.S.® .65 LA engine, Futaba® 6YG 6-channel radio
PDFDownload the manual (1.8 MB) - Hobbistar 60 Select Parts Listing

To view pdf documents you will need Adobe Reader which is available from the Adobe Reader Download Page.