Locations and Facilities

Corporate Headquarters

Champaign, Illinois

The main Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Facility is located in Champaign, Illinois. It covers over 262,000 square feet (24,340 square meters) of office and warehouse space.

Champaign, IL - Corporate Office

Corporate Headquarters - Champaign, Illinois

Viking Facility

Champaign, Illinois

A few miles to the east is Hobbico's 171,500 square foot (16,000 square meters) Viking Facility. This facility handles United Model and Revell order fulfillment, packaging and assembly operations, as well as service and support for proprietary products.

Champaign, IL - Viking Facility

Viking Facility - Champaign, Illinois

West Coast Distribution Facility

Reno, Nevada

A 200,000 square foot (18,580 square meters) distribution facility in Reno, Nevada allows rapid, one-day ground delivery to most western destinations, including both northern and southern California.

Reno, NV - Reno Distribution Facility

West Coast Distribution - Reno, Nevada


Penrose, Colorado

Estes operates from Penrose, Colorado in facilities totaling 155,000 square feet (14,400 square meters) including sales, marketing, product development, manufacturing and distribution.

Penrose, CO - Estes

Estes Offices - Penrose, Colorado

Revell, Inc

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Revell, Inc. sales and product development offices are located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, which is 17,650 square feet (1640 square meters).

Elk Grove Village, IL - Revell-Monogram

Revell Offices - Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Revell Germany

Bünde, Germany

Revell Germany has its main facilities in Bünde, Germany with satellite sales offices in both the UK and France. The Revell Germany operation covers over 200,000 sq ft (18,580 square meters) for sales, marketing, product development and distribution.

Bünde, Germany - Revell Germany

Revell Germany - Bünde, Germany

Axial R/C, Inc

Mission Viejo, California

Axial R/C, Inc. is located in Mission Viejo, California with sales, marketing and product development offices (7073 square feet — 657 square meters).

Axial R/C, Inc. - Irvine, California

Axial R/C, Inc - Mission Viejo, California

ARRMA-Durango Ltd.

Moira, United Kingdom

Located in Derbyshire, England is ARRMA-Durango Ltd where 3,000 square feet (279 square meters) of office is dedicated to product design, sales and marketing.

AARMA-Durango Ltd. - Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom

ARRMA-Durango ltd – Moira, United Kingdom

United Model / Hobbico's R&D Center

Champaign, Illinois

Hobbico's Research and Development Center and the United Model Sales office are located adjacent to Corporate Headquarters in Champaign, Illinois. This combined facility is 13,700 square feet (1271 square meters).

Hobbico Research & Development - Champaign, Illinois

United Model & Hobbico's R&D - Champaign, Illinois

Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Urbana, Illinois

Great Planes Model Manufacturing is located in Urbana, Illinois, with 29,300 square feet (2700 square meters) of manufacturing equipment. Great Planes is dedicated to the production of the finest balsa airplanes in the industry, as well as various other product lines for Hobbico.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing - Urbana, Illinois

Great Planes Model Manufacturing - Urbana, Illinois

Mercury Facility

Champaign, Illinois

Hobbico's Mercury Facility is 9200 square feet (850 square meters) of storage and workshop dedicated to trade show and event fixtures.

Hobbico Mercury Facility - Champaign, Illinois

Hobbico Mercury Facility - Champaign, Illinois

Revell UK

Tring, Hertfordshire

The Sales, Customer Service and Product Support office of Revell UK covers 3,100 square feet (300 square meters). Located in Tring, Hertfordshire, it services toy retailers, mass market accounts and hobby shops.

Revell UK - Tring, Hertfordshire

Revell UK - Tring, Hertfordshire