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Product Development

Hobbico's Product Division includes an outstanding array of resources and capabilities including product development, research and development, advertising, marketing, sourcing, purchasing, and manufacturing. Virtually every key functional area is handled in-house by Hobbico experts.

Design and Engineering

  • Staff of 16 engineers and designers
  • Aeronautical, mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Industrial designers for product styling
  • In-house fabricating and rapid prototyping
  • LabView Test Management System
  • Software: Solidworks, AutoCAD, Z-Brush, Rhino 3D, Latest Adobe Products,
    Mill Wizard, BobCAD, Access

Product Marketing and Advertising

  • Product experts in all product areas
  • Category-specific marketing staff
  • Field promotion team members attending and competing in worldwide events
  • In-house market research staff
  • In-house advertising agency: staff of 30 designers, photographers, videographers,
    web designers, and copywriters.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

  • In-house manufacturing
  • Global sourcing and worldwide factory partners
  • Dedicated staff in China managing sourcing and quality control
  • Sophisticated MRP and DRP systems with custom software
  • In-house traffic and logistics management