Hobby Syringe with Curved Tip 12 cc Monoject® 412

A hobby tool with almost unlimited uses!

Hobbico Hobby Syringe with Curved Tip
  • The inexpensive Hobby Syringe dispenses up to 12 cc of almost any type of oil, grease, fuel or adhesive—ideal for many hobby or household projects.
  • Great for model maintenance involving shock oil, machine oil, air filter oil and diff greases, or for filling small 1/2A aircraft fuel tanks.
  • Also can be used when building model airplanes or craft projects that require wood glue or epoxy, and can also precisely apply model cement for plastics.
  • Tip is curved to easily reach tight spaces, and can be trimmed back to enlarge the opening for dispensing thicker product such as epoxies or greases.

Stock Numbers:
HCAR3785 Hobby Syringe w/Curved Tip
HCAR3786 Hobby Syringe w/Curved Tip (25)

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