Metal Template Set

Easily set angles and alignment

Metal Template

Building perfection requires planning and the proper tools and with the new Template Set, you're halfway to your goal. The 4-piece set is mini but mighty, with the capabilities to handle most model building needs, from squaring up ribs, rudders, formers and firewalls to checking structures for correct angle relationships. Each template is machined from 1/16" metal plate so edges will retain their "true" for years to come without maintenance. Cleaning is easy, too: smooth surfaces require only occasional rubbing with ultra-fine steel wool to stay clean and bright.

  • "L" for square checks
  • Small 30°-60°-90° triangle
  • Larger 30°-60°-90° triangle and a 45° triangle have been cut away at the 90° corner to allow angle checks around fuselage sides

Stock Number: HCAR0500