TwinStar ARF TwinStar ARF on a sky background with white clouds

The easy ARF way to twin-engine thrills.

With the TwinStar ARF, you're just a few hours away from enjoying twice the flying fun of a single-engine model — even if you've never flown a twin before! Smart engineering not only makes final assembly fast and familiar, it also offers maximum flying security and stability. If you're ready to step up to the excitement of twin-engine flying, Hobbico's TwinStar ARF is the BEST way to do it!

  • Unlike other twin-engine planes, there is no shared fuel tank or servo; each wing has its own fuel tank and servo, so the failure of one engine won't affect the other.
  • Underneath the high-quality, iron-on film, the fuselage and wing feature solid, interlocking wood parts that combine durability and light weight.
  • The TwinStar's wing attaches easily at the field with nylon bolts — and is removed just as quickly for the ride home.

TwinStar flying on a backgroud of blue sky and clouds

Even with its dual engines, the TwinStar handles much like a single-engine R/C plane of comparable size. Careful positioning of the centerline ensures that the TwinStar is still flyable even if one of the engines stops!

TwinStar parts laid out to show everything included in the box

Open the box and you'll discover that virtually all of the TwinStar's major assemblies are prebuilt and precovered, with lots of hardware provided. The plane's innovative design takes the guesswork out of mounting the twin engines.

Front of nacelle showing engine, prop, and spinner

In addition to protecting the fuel tank, servo and engine for each wing, these preformed nacelles also speed assembly. After attaching them over the wing's leading edge the nacelles become an integral part of the wing structure.

Inside view of fuselage showing throttle and nosewheel servos

With fuel tanks and engines in each wing, throttle pushrods and fuel line installation is kept straightforward and simple. As a result, there's ample room in the fuselage for on-board gear.

Expertly covered with Top Flite MonoKote.

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Stock Number: HCAA2076
Wingspan: 56 in (1420 mm)
Wing Area: 567 in² (36.6 dm²)
Weight: 5.5-6.5 lb (2.5-3.0 kg)
Wing Loading: 24 oz/ft² (73 g/dm²)
Length: 49.5 in (1260 mm)
Requires: Two 2-stroke .20-.40 cu in or two 4-stroke .26-.30 cu in engines, 4-channel radio w/5 servos & Y-harness
PDF Download the manual (570.32 KB) - TwinStar ARF Parts Listing - Accessories Needed - PDFProduct Flier (224.69 KB)

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