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HCAC0002 Power Patrol EP RTR Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.

Catalog No.Description
HCAC0224Motor W/Pinion
HCAC0226Front Tire / Rim Pair
HCAC0227Rear Tire / Rim Pair
HCAC0341Battery Hatch
HCAC0331Wheelie Bar Set
HCAC0332Front Bumper Set
HCAC0220Rear Gear Case
HCAC0221Body Set Power
HCAC0338Rear Axle Left
HCAC0337Rear Axle Right
HCAC0336A Arm Set L/R
HCAC0339Front Shocks
HCAC0340Rear Shocks
HCAC0342Front Tie Rod Set
HCAC0229Gear Set