HCAA41** FlyZone SkyFly 2 EP RTF Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.

Stock No.DescriptionPhoto
GPMM7702ElectriFly 12V DC Peak Charger 7.2-8.4V NiMH
GPMP7704ElectriFly 7-Cell 8.4V 900mAh NiMH Battery SkyFly 2
HCAA3875Main Wing SkyFly 2
HCAA3876Horizontal Stabilizer w/Accessories SkyFly 2
HCAA3877Vertical Stabilizer w/Accessories SkyFly 2
HCAA3878Pushrods SkyFly 2
HCAA3879Main Landing Gear SkyFly 2
HCAA3880Front Landing Gear SkyFly 2
HCAA3881Screw Landing Gear SkyFly 2 (4)
HCAA3882Wing Mounting Bands SkyFly 2 (6)
HCAA3883Canopy Return Bands SkyFly 2 (2)
HCAA3884Tail Brace Support SkyFly 2
HCAA3885Vertical Fin Holder w/Nuts SkyFly 2
HCAA3886Control Horn Set SkyFly 2 (2)
HCAA3887Screw-Lock Connectors SkyFly 2 (2)
HCAA3888Fuselage w/Tailboom & Brace SkyFly 2
HCAA3889Vertical Stabilizer Nuts SkyFly 2 (2)
HCAA3890Canopy Cover SkyFly 2
HCAA3891Motor Mount SkyFly 2
HCAA3892AC Wall Adapter w/Plug SkyFly 2
HCAA3893Propeller w/Spinner SkyFly 2
HCAG1054380 Motor SkyFly 2
HCAQ3501Propeller (2) Cessna/J3 Cub
TACJ31**Tactic TTX327 3-Channel Transmitter 27MHz 

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