HCAA28** Flyzone Diablo EDF Jet Trainer RTF Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.

Stock No.DescriptionPhoto
GPMG0311ElectriFly 370 Size BB Motor
GPMG3940ElectriFly Hyperflow 370 EP Ducted Fan Rotor Blade
GPMG3941ElectriFly Hyperflow 370 EP Ducted Fan Misc Parts
GPMM3310ElectriFly 12 Volt 1 Amp AC/DC Power Supply
GPMM3316ElectriFly 11.1V 3S LiPo Balance Chgr w/AC&DC Supply
GPMP0717ElectriFly LiPo 11.1V 1500mAh 15C ElectriFly BP Srs
HCAA343825 Amp Brushed Speed Control FlyZone Diablo
HCAA3439Single Power Pod FlyZone Diablo
HCAA3442Beginner Wing FlyZone Diablo
HCAA3443Canopy FlyZone Diablo
HCAA3444Nose Cone FlyZone Diablo
HCAA3445Fuse and Tail w/Installed Pushrods FZ Diablo
HCAA3446Decal Set/FlyZone Diablo
HCAA3447Power Pod Locks FlyZone Diablo
HCAA3448Pushrod/Thumbscrew Clevis Set FlyZone Diablo
TACJ14**Tactic TTX400 4-Channel FM Radio 72MHz 
TACL40**Tactic Transmitter Crystal TTX300/400 72MHz 
TACL60** Tactic TRX600 Receiver 
TACM0100Tactic TSX100 Micro Servo
TACM4401Tactic Transmitter Antenna TX400
TACM4402Tactic Battery Door TTX400
TACM4403Tactic Battery Holder TTX300/400
TACM5100Tactic Servo Gear Set TSX100
TACM5101Tactic Servo Horn TSX100 (3)

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