HCAA27** FlyZone Beechcraft Staggerwing RTF Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.

Stock No.DescriptionPhoto
HCAA3913Control Horn Set Cessna 182/Cub/Staggerwing
HCAA3970Main Wings Staggerwing
HCAA3971Propeller and Prop Adapter Staggerwing
HCAA3972Cowl with Screws Staggerwing
HCAA3973Wing Struts with Locks Staggerwing (2)
HCAA3974Main Landing Gear Staggerwing
HCAA3975Tail Assembly Staggerwing
HCAA3976Battery Hatch Door Staggerwing
HCAA3977Fuselage with Pushrods Staggerwing
HCAA3978Tail Wheel Assembly Staggerwing
HCAA3979Geared 280 Brushed Motor Staggerwing
HCAA3980Wing Screws Staggerwing (2)
HCAA3981Propeller Adapter Staggerwing
HCAA3982Pushrod/Clevis Set Staggerwing
HCAA3983Decal Set Staggerwing
HCAQ35038x6 Propeller Staggerwing (2)

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