HCAA2012 Speed Pilot EP RTF Airplane Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.

Stock No.DescriptionPhoto
HCAA3330Main Wing Speed Pilot
HCAA3331Tail Set Speed Pilot
HCAA3332Fuselage Speed Pilot
HCAA3333Cowl Speed Pilot 
HCAG1030380 Motor Aero Cruiser/Speed Pilot
HCAG1041Motor Mount Speed Pilot
HCAM7035Switch w/Auto Cutoff Speed Pilot
HCAP0119AC Wall Charger Aero Cruiser/Speed Pilot
HCAP6007NiMH Battery Aero Cruiser/Speed Pilot
HCAQ3015Propeller / Hub Speed Pilot
HCAQ3016Landing Gear Speed Pilot 

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