HCAA2002 SkyRunner R/C RTF EP Airplane Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.

Stock No.DescriptionPhoto
HCAA3206Fuselage SkyRunner RC
HCAA3207Wing Set Complete SkyRunner RC
HCAA3208Cowl SkyRunner RC 
HCAA3209Plastic Parts SkyRunner RC
HCAA3211Battery Cover SkyRunner RC 
HCAG1004Motor : Mabuchi SkyRunner RC
HCAG1005Motor Case Set SkyRunner RC
HCAG1007Gear Set SkyRunner RC
HCAM7005Sanyo Battery 6V SkyRunner RC
HCAM7006Auto Cut-Off System SkyRunner RC 
HCAQ3001Propeller (3) SkyRunner RC
HCAQ3002Spinner Set SkyRunner RC 
HCAQ3003Landing Gear Set SkyRunner RC 
HCAQ3005Rubber Bands (4) SkyRunner RC 

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