HCAA2000 Sky Sailer RTF Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.

Stock No.DescriptionPhoto
HCAA3425Sail W/Spars Sky Sailer
HCAA3427Body Sky Sailer
HCAA3429NiMH Battery Sky Sailer
HCAA3431Plastic Pins Sky Sailer (4) 
HCAA3433Cross Spars Sky Sailer (2)
HCAA3435Battery Cover Sky Sailer (1) 
HCAA3437Decal Sheet Sky Sailer 
HCAG1050Motor Sky Sailer
HCAM7040Speed Control Sky Sailer 
HCAP0121AC Wall Charger Sky Sailer
HCAQ3315Propeller (2) Sky Sailer
HCAQ3317Landing Gear Set Sky Sailer 

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