HCAA1960 FlyZone Red Hawk Electric RTF Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.

Stock No.DescriptionPhoto
HCAA38006-Cell 7.2V 900mAh NiMH Red Hawk
HCAA3801Main Wing Red Hawk
HCAA3802V-Tail w/Accessories Red Hawk
HCAA3803Control Linkage Wire Red Hawk 
HCAA3804Control Horn/Keeper Set Red Hawk (2) 
HCAA3805Main Landing Gear Red Hawk
HCAA3806Fuselage w/Tail Boom/Brace Red Hawk
HCAA3807V-Tail Brace Red Hawk
HCAA3808Canopy Cover Red Hawk 
HCAA3809Rubber Bands Red Hawk (6)
HCAA3810Tail Wheel Red Hawk 
HCAA3817Decal Set Red Hawk 
HCAA3818Hold Down Rods (2) w/Caps (4) Red Hawk
HCAA3819Tail Screws Red Hawk (2) 
HCAA3820V-Tail Mounting Bracket Red Hawk
HCAA3821Wing Brace Carbon Fiber Red Hawk
HCAA3822Tail Boom Fiberglass Red Hawk
HCAG1057Motor 380 Red Hawk
HCAL7525Transmitter Red Hawk
HCAP9923Charger 12V DC Peak Red Hawk
HCAP9924Charger AC Wall Red Hawk
HCAQ3492Propeller Red Hawk

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