Air Alert™ Flight Pack Monitor (HCAP0335) Instructions

  • Simply mount AirAlert to the fuselage exterior with servo tape. Or, drill a hole in the fuselage wall and mount AirAlert on the inside so the buzzer sticks outwardly through the hole. Ensure the clearest path possible exists for the alarm sound to emit from the model.

  • Plug AirAlert into the Rx throttle channel, and the throttle servo into AirAlert. Turn on the Rx, Air Alert will emit ONE BEEP to confirm POWER ON.

  • Designed for 4.8V flight packs only, if battery voltage drops below 4.6V, TWO BEEPS will sound (xx-xx) to indicate LOW BATTERY WARNING. Cease operation of the model immediately as battery power is rapidly dropping to a dangerously low level. Turn Rx power off to terminate this function.

  • If no stick movements are detected for 1 minute, FOUR BEEPS will sound (xxxx-xxxx) to warn of TX INACTIVITY. Moving the stick within 30 seconds will stop the beeps. Otherwise, consecutive long tones will begin ( - - ) for LOST AIRCRAFT mode, and a check for these possible problems should begin:

    • Tx power turned off or batteries discharged
    • Tx not emitting proper signal - check antenna, crystal or module
    • Rx not receiving proper signal - check crystal, antenna routing, etc.
    • To reset Air Alert, turn Rx power OFF, then ON again.

  • If a model crashes, do not move the sticks or simply turn the Tx off. TX INACTIVITY mode will begin in 1 minute, then LOST AIRCRAFT mode to aid in finding the aircraft. Tones will cease when the Rx is shut off or battery power dies.