TorqMaster Starters

The Highest Quality Starters - at the Lowest Price

TorqMaster 90 Starter

Features easy-press start switch; soldered copper contacts; turned aluminum starter cone; double wound motor; pretrued, extra-thick carbon brushes; and self-coiling 5' DC input cord with either soldered-on battery clips for 12V field battery use, or preinstalled heavy-duty banana plugs for instant connection with a 12V power panel.

Perfect for use with the PowerCore Starter Battery Pack!

Stock Numbers:
HCAP3200 - TorqMaster 90 Starter
HCAP3205 - TorqMaster 90 Starter Panel-Ready
HCAP3300 - TorqMaster 180 Starter
HCAP3305 - TorqMaster 180 Starter Panel-Ready
HCAP3320 - TorqMaster Rubber Adapter for cars

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