Viva Italia!

Hobbico's own Tim Lampe qualifies for the F5D World Championship in Lugo, Italy.

Group shot

Contestant launching plane Contestant ready to launch plane Group photo participants hold plane and radio participants hold red plane and radio

September 22, 2015

Pylon racing in the F5D class requires dedication, skill and top-notch teamwork. These competitions are intense, with speeds in the 180+ mph range and up to three pylon planes competing simultaneously in every heat. With only four contestants at CCRCC for the Team Trials, there was plenty of time for single flights around the three pylon race course.

Despite the wet, windy weather, all four contestants were able to keep their flight times shrieking in at just past the one-minute mark for the lion's share of their flights. Tim won the contest with the group's best score at 593.27 seconds over a total of nine scored flights and the fastest overall time at 61.34 seconds. The other participants all scored within ninety seconds of Tim's score. They will fill out the three man team and spotter/caller spots when they head for the 2016 Lugo, Italy F5D World Championships.

Congratulations to all participants on your outstanding feats of speed! We look forward to hearing good things from you next year at Lugo!

Hobbico takes top honors from modelers and
industry insiders

Group shot

September 14, 2015

Hobbico and its products were among this year's big winners in the annual awards sponsored by Air Age Media, publisher of R/C Car Action and Model Airplane News magazines.

For the second year in a row, hobbyists ranked a Duratrax ONYX brand charger at #1 in the R/C Car Action Readers' Choice awards. The ONYX 235 earned their votes for its versatility and ability to rapidly recharge high-capacity packs. Duratrax has now won the Favorite Charger title eight times!

"Chargers play a vital role in R/C," says Duratrax electronics product manager Shane Curry. "It's important to have one that can charge batteries quickly and efficiently. Thank you to our customers and readers of R/C Car Action for choosing the ONYX 235."

Modelers also named O.S. team member and World Champion racer Ty Tessmann as their Driver of the Year. Ty has been an outstanding representative for O.S. - he explained recently that "many things can go wrong in a major race, but I never worry about my engines." The admiration is mutual. R/C Car Action noted that Ty earned his Readers' Choice votes "with results on the track and respect in the pits."

Model Airplane News editors rely on their own expertise to choose a product worthy to be called Innovation of the Year. Their pick for 2015: the O.S. GGT-15 gasoline engine for .61-.90 aircraft. It met the criteria of making "significant advancements in the R/C world" by starting easily with a glow plug, instead of requiring a heavy electronic ignition system and spark plug. "This little machine packs a lot of horsepower into a small, lightweight package," they said.

For more information about these award-winning Hobbico brands and products, visit the Duratrax web page at, and the O.S. web page at

Hobbico featured on local newscast’s
"Made in Illinois" series.

Hobbico gives viewers a sneak peek at day-to-day operations

August 5, 2015


Hobbico has once again made a splash on TV screens, appearing on a local newscast's "Made in Illinois" series.

In this exciting two-part profile, viewers get a behind-the-scenes history of Hobbico, one of the state's most successful and unique businesses.

The segments include interviews with Air Team Manager Frank Noll, Surface Team Manager Brad Brucker, Data and Purchasing Manager Rodney Clinton and R&D's David McCallister.

Popular products are also featured, like the nano-sized Proto-X quadcopter, Team Durango kits and the AquaCraft Fletcher Class Destroyer. The news crew went above and beyond to show how Hobbico has something to offer modelers of all ages and interests.

To see this special report, visit the links featured below!

Factory Tracks Racing team signs with Futaba!

Factory Tracks Racing Team

Bridging the gap between local favorites and nationally-known pros.

July 8, 2015

Meet the famed Factory Tracks Racing team, the latest addition to the Futaba roster!

Based in Michigan, Factory Tracks Racing was founded by Al Horne in 2010. Al originally created the team to "help bridge the gap between the local R/C racer and the big-time R/C pros." In just five short years, his team has become a force to be reckoned with on tracks all over the U.S.

Factory Tracks Racing is based upon "finding and developing young, talented racers that have obtained results up against some of the best in the business, both on and off the track," said Al. By joining forces with Futaba, he hopes the team will "achieve an even higher level of success in the future."

Be sure to look for Factory Tracks Racing at events all over the country. For information on upcoming events, visit, and please join Futaba on welcoming the Factory Tracks Racing team!

Quique Somenzini joins Futaba!

Quique Somenzini joins Futaba

Futaba welcomes National and World Champion pilot.

May 22, 2015

Quique Somenzini, winner of multiple National and World Championships, is the latest pilot to join the Futaba family!

Quique is one of R/C's most impressive, most popular fliers. He won his first F3A National Championships in Argentina when he was only ten, and he's been going strong ever since.

In 1979, at the age of twelve, Quique became the youngest pilot to participate in the F3A World Championship - a record which remains unbroken today.

Quique has won multiple flying competitions in his career, including four U.S. F3A National Championships, a Free Style World Championship, an F3A World Championship, an XFC Championship and 19 F3A Argentina National Championships.

In addition to winning multiple international flight competitions, he's worked as a design consultant for O.S.® Engine and Futaba. Quique has also written several columns on R/C flight for countless industry magazines.

Quique recently co-founded Flex Innovations™, where he has helped develop some of today's most cutting-edge R/C hobby products.

Please join us in welcoming Quique Somenzini to Futaba!

Proto-X Makes Its Mark on Morning TV

Proto-X Makes Its Mark on Morning TV

February 20, 2015

When the Proto-X recently appeared on the Today Show, it proved you don’t have to be big in size to be big on fun!

The nano-sized Proto-X was part of a segment on gadgets that are sure cures for winter boredom. It’s so easy to fly, even the show’s hosts took it for a spin during the commercial break.

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the Proto-X since its release, and this latest TV appearance — along with its low $29.99 price point — demonstrates why this quadcopter continues to fly off store shelves.

Hobbico Joins Campaign to Promote
Responsible Drone Flying

Know Before You Fly

February 18, 2015

Hobbico recently announced its support for Know Before You Fly, an educational campaign developed to give anyone planning to fly unmanned aircraft — including R/C model drones — the information required to do so safely and responsibly.

Know Before You Fly was founded by three influential organizations that are all dedicated to promoting safe flying: the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI); the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA); and the Small UAV Coalition. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has become a partner as well.

The campaign was launched late last year in response to the rapidly growing interest and enthusiasm surrounding drones. While the technology to fly unmanned aircraft has become easy to use and widely available, organizers noted that prospective pilots first must understand some basic facts — who is allowed to fly them, where they can be flown, and for what purposes. Know Before You Fly makes those answers easy to find.

Some of the most popular R/C drones for hobbyists come from Hobbico brands, including Proto-X, Dromida and Helimax. With more in development to meet the enormous demand, Hobbico is eager to help its customers continue enjoying their models with as much freedom as possible. Therefore, Hobbico strongly supports the initiative to educate the public about safe, responsible drone use.

Hobbico is already using its web pages, ads, catalogs, videos, product packages and other marketing materials to build awareness of Know Before You Fly. Hobbico President and CEO Wayne Hemming adds that the company will watch closely for any other opportunities to carry the campaign’s message forward.

Details about Know Before You Fly can be found at, which includes a list of all the organization’s supporters.

Proto-X FPV Featured on National TV!

Proto-X FPV TV appearance

February 9, 2015

R/C quadcopters have captured the national news spotlight several times recently. The Proto-X FPV had its turn on February 4, during a special segment of a major-network morning show. It quickly proved that a little quad can deliver BIG fun.

The two hosts each attempted to pilot their own Proto-X FPV through a small hoop on the set. That neither had practiced beforehand soon became obvious. But it was equally clear that they, the audience and crew were all having a blast!

The compact Proto-X FPV was an ideal choice for the program. It’s among the most durable and stable quad models of its size, gyro stabilized and equipped with a First Person View 2.4GHz transmitter for viewing the onboard camera’s HD video. New hobbyists will also be pleased to discover that it comes complete with a LiPo battery, USB charge cord, and virtually everything else needed to fly, film, and have fun. Only four “AA” batteries are required.

Nic Case Breaks World Speed Record with the 4PK!

Famed driver hits 202.02 mph with his "R/C Bullet!"


Nic Case

February 5, 2015

Saint George, Utah –

Here’s another one for the record books!

In October 2014, fan favorite Nic Case set a 202.02 mph speed record at R/C Car Action’s 2014 “World’s Fastest R/C Car Challenge” event. Nic’s aerodynamic, custom-built R/C Bullet and Futaba 4PK helped make it possible.

In fact, Nic himself credits the 4PK’s impressive range and reliable performance for his record-breaking run.

“The range and quality that Futaba has produced was a key element in the R/C Bullet going over 200 mph,” said Nic.

The latest version of this popular system – the 4PX– is even faster, with virtually instantaneous response.

Futaba would like to congratulate Nic Case on his exciting achievement!     

Dual Rates: helping new drivers learn faster.


January 26, 2015

All newcomers to R/C have to learn how to drive. However, owners of Dromida RTRs
have an advantage: the dual rates feature available on all Dromida radios.

Dual rates typically affect both steering and throttle — and as the name implies, new drivers have a choice of two rates. Low rates are popular with beginners because they make the vehicle easier to handle. Low rates reduce the vehicle’s performance to a fraction of its full capabilities. With low rates on Dromida 1/18 scale ready-to-runs, drivers can make steering response slower and more gentle and speed can be reduced to as little as 40% of full throttle. Reducing both gives the new driver more time to think and react behind the wheel, increasing the chances of success.

Of course, once the driver is comfortable behind the wheel, the radio can be reset to high rates so he/she can enjoy all of the speed and agility the vehicle has to offer.

Dual rates are available on the radios included with all Dromida 1/18 scale ready-to-runs:

SC4.18 Short Course Truck (DIDC0041)
MT4.18 Monster Truck (DIDC0042)
BX4.18 Buggy (DIDC0043)
DB4.18 Desert Buggy (DIDC0045)
DT4.18 Desert Truck (DIDC0046)

Team Durango leadership team adds two new members

Brad Brucker and Travis Amezcua

January 8, 2015

Team Durango is proud to introduce two new members to the Team Durango leadership team: Brad Brucker and Travis Amezcua.

Brad Brucker is the new Field Communications Manager - Surface for Team Durango. Based in Champaign, Illinois, Brad will work closely with Travis and team drivers, providing on-site race-day support and feedback for the company's design engineers.

For the past nine years, Brad has worked at Hobbico as the Lead Model Tech for the Hobby Services team, which he supervised in addition to repairing vehicles. Now, he's bringing his R/C expertise to Team Durango.

"It's an honor to join the Team Durango crew. I look forward to working with all the talented members of this team in the coming months," said Brad.

Pro racer Travis Amezcua will serve as Team Durango's new North American Technical Representative, based in southern California.

"After 22 years of racing R/C cars and learning from our industry leaders, now it's my turn to teach the next generation of racers," said Travis.

This is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year for Team Durango. Be on the lookout for more exciting updates throughout 2015!

Hobbico named exclusive distributor for
Italeri plastic kits


December 3, 2014

Hobbico is proud to announce that it is now the exclusive distributor for Italeri plastic model kits in the U.S. and Canada. The entire line will be available to hobby retailers through Great Planes Model Distributors.

Headquartered near Bologna, Italy, Italeri was founded in 1962 by Gian Pietro Parmeggiani and Giuliano Malservisi, who decided to turn their boyhood love of airplanes and military vehicles into a business. Their own model-building experiences led them to ensure that each of their kits was historically accurate in markings and colors as well as physical details.

Italeri released its first scale model kit, a 1/72 scale Italian fighter Fiat G.55, under the company’s original name, Alistamp. Since then, Italeri has grown into a world-wide leader in plastic models. Its vast product catalog offers everything from 1/32 scale ships to 1/72 scale airplanes for kit builders, as well as 1/72 scale miniatures for wargamers. In 2008 Italeri released the world’s largest plastic model kit. The 1/35 scale Schnellboot S100 German motor torpedo boat featured a record one-meter length and over 600 highly detailed parts.

Today, Italeri models are internationally renown for assembly ease and for the high quality of their plastic parts. Most kits include photoengraved details, and all include extensive assembly instructions and historical documentation. In 2004, Italeri also began including Photographic Reference Manuals in some kits, to help modelers achieve an even higher degree of historical accuracy.

Italeri joins Revell/Monogram and Hasegawa as the latest in the list of Hobbico plastic model
exclusives. It's an addition that Hobbico hopes will allow them to offer plastic kit modelers an even wider range of subjects and price points now and in the future.

Hobbico unveils a major innovation in
power plug design

Star Plug

October 8, 2014

When new FlightPower FP Series LiPo batteries arrive in stores soon, modelers will notice that they include a new style of polarized power plug. Called the “Star Plug,” it was developed by Hobbico’s electronics R&D team and is immediately distinguished by a star embossed on the plug body. It also represents a major innovation in how power plugs are designed.

For example, the Star Plug is easier to grip and pull apart than other plugs. But the connection remains tight and secure in even extreme conditions and after hundreds of uses.

Another notable feature is that no heat shrink is needed to cover the solder joint. Only the Star Plug has a rear cap that separates from the main plug body. Before soldering, a modeler slides the rear cap up over the wire lead. After soldering, the cap is pushed back down and snapped tightly onto the plug body, covering the joint. A center isolator in the cap effectively prevents terminals from shorting out.

Capable of handling massive current loads, the Star Plug offers so many advantages that it could become the new industry standard in high-efficiency power plugs. It will be featured on new Hobbico products and is compatible with the most common polarized plug currently being used. For complete details, see the Star Plug web site at

Patent pending

Tessman takes IFMAR World Champion title!

Tessman takes IFMAR World Champion title!

October 1, 2014

After the past two months, HPI/Hot Bodies team driver Ty Tessmann may need to build an addition onto his trophy room. His latest victory came at the 2014 IFMAR 1/8 Scale Off-Road World Championships, held September 20-28 in Messina, Italy. Driving a Hot Bodies D812 equipped with the new O.S. Speed B2101 engine, Ty went all the way...straight to the top spot on the podium!

After a somewhat slow start, Ty and his crew — often described as one of the hardest-working teams in R/C racing — kept their cool and ultimately lapped the entire field. It was a dominating performance that paid off in a prestigious World Championship win. Ty had also TQ’d, making this the first time that any IFMAR competitor had been both the Top Qualifier and winning driver.

This latest victory came on the heels of a very successful summer for Ty, who scored three first-place finishes in August action: at the ROAR 1/10 Scale Electric Off-Road Nationals in Florida; in 1/8 Buggy Pro at the Medicine Hat Shootout in Alberta; and in Pro Buggy at the Calgary Nitro Stampede, also in Alberta.

In addition to driving for HPI/Hot Bodies since 2004, Ty is also sponsored by O.S. Engines. He did both manufacturers proud with an impressive showing on an international stage.

Hobbico also congratulates O.S.- and Futaba-sponsored driver Carson Wernimont, who battled to third place in a field filled with the world’s very best racers. When great drivers compete using great equipment, great things happen!.

Lutz Triples at Futaba E-Challenge!

Lutz triples at Futaba E-Challenge!

September 17, 2014

It’s unlikely that Ryan Lutz will forget this year’s Futaba Electric Challenge any time soon. He went to the Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, Illinois hoping to do well ─ and left with three first place finishes and a cash prize.

The event, which took place September 5-7, treated the crowd to one day each of indoor and competition. And when the dust settled, Ryan walked away with TQ and first place honors in the 1/8 scale 4WD Modified and E-Buggy mains, a win in the 2WD Modified “Dash for Cash” and a second place finish in 1/10 scale 2WD Modified.

Ryan’s brought a trio of perfectly setup Team Durango vehicles for the events: the DEX210V2 for 2WD, the DEX410V4 for 4WD Modified and the DEX408V2 for E-Buggy. And he ran them all with his go-to racing radio: the Futaba 4PX.

It’s 30% faster than the 4PKS-R it replaces, with even more to offer competitive drivers. 
It adds a full-color TFT display to programming conveniences, telemetry (and the option to listen to the data via synthesized voice), plus a button the driver can assign to any
function and activate simply by bumping it against his body.    

Congratulations to Ryan on his winning performance, and for choosing the radio brand racers trust most: Futaba.

Team Futaba Sweeps F3A Nationals.

Team Futaba sweeps F3A Nationals.

September 10, 2014

Team Futaba dominated this year’s Scale Nats in Muncie, IN, winning seven of 
the top eight spots in the finals. And all eight finalists shared something beyond
world-class flying skills: they all competed with equipment from the most trusted name in radio control: Futaba!  

Andrew Jesky had a banner day, winning all four final rounds and the F3A Nats
Championship crown. He was followed by Jason Schulman, who overcame early
difficulties with a team-best performance to take second. Brett Wickizer came in third,
through consistency and near-perfect flights.

What’s more, their wins automatically make Andrew, Jason and Brett the pilots who will represent the United States at the 2015 F3A Championships in Switzerland. 

Congratulations to Andrew, Jason and Brett on their double distinctions and to the
eight finalists who put their trust in Futaba equipment.

Final Standings
1. Andrew Jesky (18MZ)
2. Jason Schulman (14MZ)
3. Brett Wickizer (18MZ)
4. Chad Northeast (18MZ)
5. Chip Hyde (18MZ)
6. A.C. Glenn (18MZ)
7. Matt Stringer (18MZ)
8. Matthew Kimbro (18MZ)

8th Annual Futaba/O.S.® Nitro
Challenge the biggest yet!

Futaba Nitro Challenge

September 3, 2014

The 8th Annual Futaba/O.S. Nitro Challenge was run at the Dirt Burners track on July 24-27, and both Futaba and team drivers emerging as the big winners.

Despite 100-degree heat and rain on Friday, the event drew a record 310 competitors to St. Louis and treated an appreciative crowd to a huge amount of skills and thrills.

Team Futaba member Ryan Lutz drove well, taking home the top spot in Electric Buggy Class. Josh Wheeler, a member of both the Futaba and O.S. Racing teams, combined his driving skills, Futaba 4PKS-R and O. S. 21XZ-B Speed into a sweep of 3 events, winning the “Dash for Cash” as well as the Pro Buggy and Truggy classes. Futaba corporation also enjoyed a winning weekend, with the top three finishers in most classes using Futaba systems.

Plans for next year’s include a return to the popular Dirt Burner’s facility in 2015.  


Our Company, Our Hobby, Our Passion

Hobbico Employee-Owners and their families have fun at
the first-ever Hobbico RC Fest!


RC Fest

August 27, 2014

It was a hot Friday afternoon in Champaign, Illinois but Hobbico employee-owners got a chance to beat the heat by chilling with awesome Hobbico products, snow cones and cool prizes. Turnout was good for the first RC fest, with over 200 employee-owners and family members in attendance. Participants saw demonstrations of Flyzone aircraft, raced the new Dromida vehicles around the track, could try their hand at building a Revell model, or get a cute dolphin painted on by Hobbico’s resident face painters, Kathy Hylla and Jeannie Herring.

Many lucky winners of the day’s raffle got to take home a Dromida vehicle, a quadcopter, one of a dozen detailed model kits, or other great essentials of summer. Everyone got a free meal with hot dogs, chips, cookies, popcorn, and snow cones courtesy of Hobbico!

Hobbico was happy to facilitate a day of fun and family with our RC Fest. We’re looking forward to even better things next summer!


Hobbico Helps Local Community “Celebrate Summer at the Pines”

Kids driving radio-control vehicles.

August 20, 2014

On June 14, 2014, Hobbico joined with the Atkins Group — a Champaign, Illinois, based real estate developer — and over a dozen area retailers to present a free, community-wide festival called “Celebrate Summer at the Pines”. Hobbico supplied a variety of Dromida 1/18 scale radio-control vehicles for attendees to race, assisted by some of Hobbico’s best staff drivers.

The “try me” R/C racing demonstration featured the popular Dromida BX4.18 4WD buggy, MT4.18 4WD monster truck, and SC4.18 4WD short course truck. For over four hours, interested drivers young and old enjoyed testing their control skills while Hobbico pros helped to show them the ropes.

Other activities at “Celebrate Summer at the Pines” included a dunk tank, bounce house, balloon artists, face painters and much more.

The late Clint Atkins, founder of the Atkins Group, played a pivotal role in the history of Hobbico. In January of 1986, he took two independent companies that he had acquired — Tower Hobbies, an R/C product retailer, and Great Planes Model Distributors, a hobby wholesaler — and combined them into one. The new entity was then christened “Hobbico”.

Now employee-owned, Hobbico is pleased to have had this opportunity to show its appreciation and respect for Mr. Atkins by lending its products and services to “Celebrate Summer at the Pines”.

Adam Wellman Wins 2014 IMPBA Nitro Nationals Champion Title

Adam Wellman standing next to his AquaCraft Top Speed  3 tunnel hull

August 13, 2014

Hobbico Lead Support Technician Adam Wellman and AquaCraft Models combined forces for a spectacular showing at the 2014 IMPBA (International Model Power Boat Association) Nitro Nationals, held June 18-21 in Evansville, Indiana.

Wellman entered the B Sport Outboard and B Outboard Classes with an AquaCraft Top Speed 3 tunnel hull powered by an O.S. 21XM marine outboard engine and O.S. #8 glow plug. His model also featured Futaba S3003 throttle and S3010 steering servos and a GrimRacer 40x52 3-blade metal prop. Wellman ran GrimRacer 50% boat fuel.

This setup — combined with Wellman’s control skills at the wheel of a Tactic TTX240 2-channel radio — resulted in his taking the Champion title in B Sport Outboard and third place in Outboard. Wellman also raced in the RTR class, piloting the AquaCraft Miss Vegas Deuce hydro. He again finished strong, landing inside the Top Ten at sixth place.

The IMPBA Nitro Nationals were sponsored by the River City Racing Club. Hobbico congratulates Adam for his impressive wins!

Mission Accomplished!

At AirVenture 2014, Team Futaba presents R/C aviation at its best.

Group shot

Pictured left to right: Wayne Layne, Darwin Barrie, Brian O’Meara, Bob Benson, Bonnie O’Meara, Ryan Haldenwanger, Frank Noll, Will Berninger, Brian Sanik and
Mike Barbee.  Not shown: Matt Chapman, Marian Berninger.


August 6, 2014

History was made July 28-August 3 when model aircraft took their place on the biggest aviation stage in the world — the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) AirVenture convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. About 500,000 people attend AirVenture each year. That gave Team Futaba the perfect opportunity to use their sparking personalities and incredible flying skills to make R/C aviation shine.

They succeeded brilliantly! Members of Team Futaba, led by Matt Chapman and Frank Noll, performed during the main air show on two different days. Chapman and Noll flew in formation — Chapman in the cockpit of his full-size CAP Eagle 580 and Noll at the controls of his 43% Extra model plane. Team members Will Berninger, Mike Barbee and Brian O’Meara then took up their beautiful giant scale models after Chapman and Noll finished their formation flight.

Each of these modelers understood how important this AirVenture show was to model aviation. Each of them put their trust in the Futaba 18MZ. Team Futaba Manager Frank Noll said it best: “This was the most pressure I’ve felt since my first TOC. But I was confident that my radio would perform flawlessly, and it did.”

The reaction from the crowds of aviation enthusiasts to the models was incredible. During the performances, veteran air show announcer Danny Clisham expertly described the merits of model aviation. He reminded the audience that many aerospace legends — Neil Armstrong, Hoot Gibson, Burt Rutan and others — got their start by flying models.

At this year’s EAA AirVenture, the world was treated to spectacular flights that showed what model aviation is truly about! Congratulations to Team Futaba for being such outstanding ambassadors for the hobby!

Model Aviation to be showcased at
EAA's AirVenture Air Show!


July 23, 2014

Air shows at EAA’s AirVenture put performers on the world’s largest stage for aviation. More than 500,000 people from over 60 countries will attend AirVenture this year. For the first time, model aviation will be showcased during the main air show on two separate days at AirVenture!

Matt Chapman, a well-known air show performer, will be flying his incredible CAP Eagle 580. Matt is also a member of Team Futaba and flies a large variety of model aircraft. This year, Matt will perform as a solo act, as a member of the 4-plane 4CE formation aerobatic team and in formation with Team Futaba manager Frank Noll and his 40% Extra model aircraft.

Joining Matt and Frank will be Team Futaba’s Will Berninger flying a 1/2 scale clipped-wing Piper Cub, Mike Barbee flying a beautiful 138” span T-34-B Mentor, Brian O’Meara flying his incredible 1/3 scale P-47 Sleepy Jean and Paul LeTourneau flying his 118” span twin-turbine powered A-10. The flights will take place during the main air show on Wednesday, July 30 and Friday, August 1. Please check the official schedule at for further details.

Futaba 4PLS earns "Basher Approved"
Honors for Hobbico

Basher Approved

June 19, 2014

The Futaba 4PLS has been awarded the prestigious “Basher Approved” award by BigSquidRC. The popular web site — created “for bashers, by bashers” — provides its followers with how-to’s, R/C news and reviews of industry products. It honors truly exceptional products with the “Basher Approved” distinction. According to the web site, the award is given only to products that: 1) can truly take a beating; 2) offer easy or low maintenance, and 3) are worth their weight in gold.

The 4PLS is a frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum system with telemetry. It allows drivers to monitor temperature, rpm, receiver voltage and external voltage in real time, or record data at user-settable intervals for later review.

Not coincidentally, the 4PLS also offers the same affordability and most of the features of the first radio ever to win the “Basher Approved” award — the 4PLS’s predecessor, the Futaba 4PL.

Onyx 245 Receives 2014 Reader’s Choice Award

Onyx 245 w/award

May 19, 2014

R/C Car Action magazine, a publication of Air Age Media, recently picked the Duratrax Onyx 245 to receive the Editor’s Choice Award for 2014. The award and trophy were presented at the RCX Banquet on Saturday May 19th, 2014. Consumers — not industry insiders — pick the Reader’s Choice Award winners, which tells manufacturers that they’re getting the right products to the right people!

This is the seventh win for Duratrax, and it’s easy to see why the Onyx 245 kept the streak alive. It handles all LiPo, LiFe, NiCD and NiMH batteries and features built-in balancing to maximize battery life and performance. With so many of modelers’ most-wanted features, it’s no surprise that the Duratrax Onyx 245 charger earned this prestigious award.

BLACK HAWK Named 2014 Editor’s Choice Award Winner


May 19, 2014

Model Airplane News magazine, a publication of Air Age Media, recently selected the Helimax BLACK HAWK 1/43 scale, ready-to-fly helicopter to receive the Editor’s Choice Award for 2014. The trophy was presented at the RCX Banquet on Saturday, May 19th, 2014. Because this award is considered an important benchmark for industry performance and customer satisfaction, Helimax is proud to receive it.

Attention to detail, powerful performance and iconic looks paid off for the BLACK HAWK — it earned the coveted Editor’s Choice Award in its first year on the market. This compact, one-of-a-kind heli includes a four-blade rotor head, torque-tube driven tail rotor and incredibly powerful brushless motor. It’s no surprise it was the Editor’s Choice for 2014!

Hobbico Bridges Toy and Hobby Markets with New Dromida Brand


November 9, 2013

Hobbico recently launched Dromida, a new brand developed specifically to help brick-and-mortar hobby dealers compete with department store radio-control toys. Though very affordable, Dromida products offer advantages that R/C toys do not - including superior performance and easy access to parts and product support. As a result, Dromida builds new repeat business while also providing dealers with an excellent profit margin on every sale.

The timing for Dromida could not be better. It gives dealers an important tool for improving their bottom line during the 2013 holiday season. Economic indicators suggest that gift buyers will remain budget-conscious and demand extra value for the money they spend. The premier Dromida releases - a trio of fully equipped 1/18 scale vehicles - fit that description perfectly. They're unusually sturdy, capable of 20+ mph speeds, and strategically priced at only $99 retail.

Hobbico invested intense research into the creation of Dromida. The hobby market needed "bridge" products - models that not only attracted new customers but also held their interest while they experienced the rewards of staying involved. Dromida, shortened from Andromeda, evoked images of infinite adventure. Popular with focus groups, it was chosen as the new brand's name and forms the foundation of its easy-to-recall web domain.

Dromida packaging, like the product inside, has been created to appeal to a wide range of customers. Bold, dynamic, action-oriented graphics turn each box into a powerful merchandising aid. The aggressive artwork is complemented by simple, clear language that customers of all ages understand. It gives them confidence that they will succeed.

At the heart of it all is Dromida product - complete, ready-to-run models built from hobby-grade materials and technology, priced low enough to be the obvious choice for any first-timer. Add such dealer incentives as higher-than-average margins and the service support of Great Planes Model Distributors, and Dromida opens up new worlds of opportunity in the radio-control hobby for everyone.

Future Dromida products will explore other best-selling categories, such as airplanes, boats and quadcopters. Although Hobbico expects Dromida to have broad appeal, customers are encouraged to look for Dromida products in better hobby shops everywhere.

New Hobbico Logo Represents Renewed Commitment to Serving Hobbyists Worldwide

For over a quarter century, hobbyists have turned to brands owned and/or distributed by Hobbico Corporation for innovation and dependable high quality at affordable prices. In recent years Hobbico has increased its development of product lines and markets across the globe. To reflect that international growth, Hobbico now unveils a new, modern logo — representing a renewed commitment to delivering the very finest products to its hobby customers throughout the world.

Hobbico was formed in 1986 with customer satisfaction as its guiding principle and highest priority. The company quickly became established as the industry's leading source for radio-control and general hobby merchandise. Hobbico now oversees 40 of modelers' favorite brands — including Revell®, Estes®, Great Planes®, Flyzone™, AquaCraft®, Helimax™ and Futaba®— and backs them all with award-winning service and support.

Hobbico's most recent additions include Revell® of Germany, ARRMA Durango® of the United Kingdom, and California-based Axial®. Using its well-established distribution networks, Hobbico has been able to make products from these manufacturers available to a wider base of customers than ever before. And, by taking advantage of global marketing channels used by its newly acquired European brands, Hobbico can now expand the reach of its other product lines into many more countries.

The new company logo that accompanies these changes bears similarities to its predecessor, maintaining an important connection to Hobbico's rich heritage. But Hobbico is on the move, and the updated look represents a company that is poised to become a more important resource than ever before to hobbyists around the world.

When modelers see the Hobbico logo, they can rest assured that they will enjoy the best quality for the lowest possible price. That has been Hobbico's mission for the past three decades, and will remain its aim for the future.

old and new logos

Hobbico Acquires Revell Germany

Hans Remfert - Revell Germany Revell Germany

February 15, 2012

Revell brand again united under one owner.

Hobbico, Inc. of Champaign, IL announced today that it has acquired Revell Germany.

Revell Germany will continue to operate from its headquarters in Bünde, located near Hannover, Germany and will be led by Hans Remfert, President of Revell Germany.

Established in 1956, Revell is the European market leader in the plastic model building segment. For the last four years, Revell has also been a key player in toy radio control vehicles in the European toy market. Several new product lines were just announced at this year's Nuremberg Toy Fair.

Hobbico is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of model hobby products, including radio controlled models, plastic model kits, flying model rockets and other hobby and toy products. The 100% employee-owned company sells products through several subsidiaries including Revell, Estes, Great Planes Model Distributors and Tower Hobbies. Since 2007, Hobbico has owned the U.S. Revell operation. Just prior in 2006, Revell Germany was spun off as a separate company.

After starting the original U.S. company in 1945, Revell founder Lou Glaser established the German operation in 1956. Since then, Revell Germany has been known as the European leader in plastic model kits as well as paints, tools and accessories. In 2008, the "Revell Control" line of radio controlled vehicles was introduced and successfully gained a strong position in the European toy market. In 2011, Revell introduced the award-winning Orbis children's airbrush system.

"Hobbico's acquisition of Revell Germany creates an enormous opportunity for our company and our employees", said Hans Remfert, President of Revell Germany. "With the support of Hobbico as a strong parent company, we have a great opportunity to expand our entry into the RC hobby segment of the European market. Hobbico has experience and know-how in this area as well as a strong assortment of product with worldwide recognition which we will integrate according to the European market conditions."

"We are pleased to reunite the Revell brand under one owner," said Wayne Hemming, President of Hobbico. "Now, Revell can proceed with a worldwide strategy for growth of the core plastic model business."

Hobbico was started in 1986 through the combination of Tower Hobbies and Great Planes Model Distributors, founded in 1971 and 1973, respectively. In 2001, Hobbico acquired United Model, a leading hobby products distributor founded in 1959. Hobbico acquired the Revell-Monogram plastic model kit lines in 2007 and Estes-Cox in 2010. In January of this year, Hobbico announced the acquisition of three hobby R/C car brands: Axial, ARRMA and Team Durango.

For further information or graphics, contact:
Ms. Carol Pesch, Publicity Coordinator, Hobbico
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Hobbico Acquires R/C Car Lines:
Axial, Team Durango & ARRMA

Arrma, Team Durango and dBoots

January 9, 2012

Hobbico, Inc. announced today that it has acquired several R/C car product lines: Axial, Team Durango and ARRMA.

Founded in 2005, Axial offers industry-leading R/C vehicles, focused on rock crawling and rock racing products. With excellent design features and a high level of detail, Axial specializes in highly realistic ready-to-run vehicles including the recently released EXO Terra Buggy and the popular Wraith Rock Racer.

Established in 2009, Team Durango is known for state-of-the-art race vehicles in 1/10 and 1/8 scale including the revolutionary and patented DEX210 2WD buggy and the fastest 4WD competition SC truck, the DESC410R. Team Durango holds world and national championship titles around the globe.

ARRMA is a new product line introduced in 2011, offering a selection of vehicles with advanced features, unique designs and parts compatibility. The Raider Buggy and Fury Short Course Truck are popular items from ARRMA. The acquisition also includes the dBoots brand of R/C tires which specialize in off-road tires for multi-surface indoor and outdoor tracks.

Hobbico is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of model hobby products, including radio controlled models, plastic model kits, rockets and other hobby products. The employee-owned company manufactures and distributes many famous hobby brands such as Duratrax, TrakPower, O'Donnell Racing Fuel, Revell, Estes, Great Planes, HeliMax, MonoKote, Real Flight, Top Flite, SuperTigre, Aquacraft, and others.

Axial will continue to operate as an independent company from its facility in Irvine, California. Team Durango and ARRMA will also continue independently from their current offices in Ashby, Leicestershire, UK. The product lines will continue to be available through a worldwide network of distributors.

"We're proud to bring these strong product lines into the Hobbico family," said Wayne Hemming, President of Hobbico. "I'm particularly happy to welcome the teams of talented professionals at Axial, Team Durango and ARRMA and look forward to the innovative products that they are developing."

"I'm excited about this new affiliation with Hobbico," said Jeff Johns, General Manager of Axial R/C Inc., "This will give Axial additional resources to continue our rapid growth."

"I look forward to working with Durango and ARRMA staff as well as those within Hobbico to continue to introduce innovative and successful products. This is an exciting step which we are sure will help take us to the next level" said Jason Dearden, Managing Director of ARRMA Durango, Ltd.

For further information or graphics, contact:
Ms. Carol Pesch, Publicity Coordinator, Hobbico
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Mr. Jeff Johns, General Manager, Axial R/C Inc.
Telephone (949) 600-8642  •

Mr. Jason Dearden, Managing Director, ARRMA Durango, Ltd.
Telephone (UK) 44-1530-412352  •