Futaba 4PLS earns “Basher Approved”
Honors for Hobbico

Onyx 245 w/award

The Futaba 4PLS has been awarded the prestigious “Basher Approved” award by BigSquidRC. The popular web site – created “for bashers, by bashers” – provides its followers with how-to’s, R/C news and reviews of industry products. It honors truly exceptional products with the “Basher Approved” distinction. According to the web site, the award is given only to products that: 1) can truly take a beating; 2) offer easy or low maintenance, and 3) are worth their weight in gold. 

The 4PLS is a frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum system with telemetry. It allows drivers to monitor temperature, rpm, receiver voltage and external voltage in real time, or record data at user-settable intervals for later review.

Not coincidentally, the 4PLS also offers the same affordability and most of the features of the first radio ever to win the “Basher Approved” award – the 4PLS’s predecessor, the Futaba 4PL. 

Onyx 245 Receives 2014 Reader’s Choice Award

Onyx 245 w/award

R/C Car Action magazine, a publication of Air Age Media, recently picked the Duratrax Onyx 245 to receive the Editor’s Choice Award for 2014. The award and trophy were presented at the RCX Banquet on Saturday May 19th, 2014. Consumers — not industry insiders — pick the Reader’s Choice Award winners, which tells manufacturers that they’re getting the right products to the right people!

This is the seventh win for Duratrax, and it’s easy to see why the Onyx 245 kept the streak alive. It handles all LiPo, LiFe, NiCD and NiMH batteries and features built-in balancing to maximize battery life and performance. With so many of modelers’ most-wanted features, it’s no surprise that the Duratrax Onyx 245 charger earned this prestigious award.

BLACK HAWK Named 2014 Editor’s Choice Award Winner


Model Airplane News magazine, a publication of Air Age Media, recently selected the Helimax BLACK HAWK 1/43 scale, ready-to-fly helicopter to receive the Editor’s Choice Award for 2014. The trophy was presented at the RCX Banquet on Saturday, May 19th, 2014. Because this award is considered an important benchmark for industry performance and customer satisfaction, Helimax is proud to receive it.

Attention to detail, powerful performance and iconic looks paid off for the BLACK HAWK — it earned the coveted Editor’s Choice Award in its first year on the market. This compact, one-of-a-kind heli includes a four-blade rotor head, torque-tube driven tail rotor and incredibly powerful brushless motor. It’s no surprise it was the Editor’s Choice for 2014!

Hobbico Bridges Toy and Hobby Markets with New Dromida Brand


Hobbico recently launched Dromida, a new brand developed specifically to help brick-and-mortar hobby dealers compete with department store radio-control toys. Though very affordable, Dromida products offer advantages that R/C toys do not - including superior performance and easy access to parts and product support. As a result, Dromida builds new repeat business while also providing dealers with an excellent profit margin on every sale.

The timing for Dromida could not be better. It gives dealers an important tool for improving their bottom line during the 2013 holiday season. Economic indicators suggest that gift buyers will remain budget-conscious and demand extra value for the money they spend. The premier Dromida releases - a trio of fully equipped 1/18 scale vehicles - fit that description perfectly. They're unusually sturdy, capable of 20+ mph speeds, and strategically priced at only $99 retail.

Hobbico invested intense research into the creation of Dromida. The hobby market needed "bridge" products - models that not only attracted new customers but also held their interest while they experienced the rewards of staying involved. Dromida, shortened from Andromeda, evoked images of infinite adventure. Popular with focus groups, it was chosen as the new brand's name and forms the foundation of its easy-to-recall dromida.com web domain.

Dromida packaging, like the product inside, has been created to appeal to a wide range of customers. Bold, dynamic, action-oriented graphics turn each box into a powerful merchandising aid. The aggressive artwork is complemented by simple, clear language that customers of all ages understand. It gives them confidence that they will succeed.

At the heart of it all is Dromida product - complete, ready-to-run models built from hobby-grade materials and technology, priced low enough to be the obvious choice for any first-timer. Add such dealer incentives as higher-than-average margins and the service support of Great Planes Model Distributors, and Dromida opens up new worlds of opportunity in the radio-control hobby for everyone.

Future Dromida products will explore other best-selling categories, such as airplanes, boats and quadcopters. Although Hobbico expects Dromida to have broad appeal, customers are encouraged to look for Dromida products in better hobby shops everywhere.

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