R/C Multi Charger

Charge four battery packs at once—with one affordable AC charger

Hobbico R/C Multi Charger

Adjustable current on all four independent outlets offers 10-500 mAh charging versatility. Use just one, or all four simultaneously for fast/slow/trickle charging of NiCds or NiHMs ranging from tiny AA cells for flashlights to large 12V lead-acid batteries for field boxes.

  • 5-year limited warranty
  • 3 charge rates, switch selectable in seconds
  • Color-coded jacks for easy polarity identification
  • Fuselage protected against incorrect hook-up
  • LEDs at each outlet glow when charge is in progress
  • 5 ft. AC input cord for convenient operation
  • Includes two pair of color-coded banana plugs

Stock Number: HCAP0100
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